Wednesday, January 11, 2006

MSNPawn - New tool is coded up.

MSNPawn has been designed and developed on the .Net framework and must be installed on the system. The following utilities have been bundled with MSNPawn.

MSNHostFP - Supply an IP Address or IP Address range to fetch all possible virtual hosts or application running on each IP addresses.

MSNDomainFP - Supply a domain name to fetch the top 50 child domains, considering the supplied domain name as parent.

MSNCrossDomainFP - Supply an application domain to fetch the top 50 domains pointing to this particular domain on the Internet.

MSNCrawler - Supply a domain or application name to fetch all possible links crawled by the search engine.

MSNFetch - Supply a domain and rules file. The tool will run each rule in the file against the domain specified and fetch the first five results of the resultant query. This can help in assessing an application.

Search.MSN - Provides place to run your search against MSN and gather all URLs.

Whitepaper is included for better understanding for all these tools.


[Download paper]