Friday, August 11, 2006

Book - Hacking Web Services

Web Services are an integral part of next generation Web applications. The development and use of these services is growing at an incredible rate, and so too are the security issues surrounding them. Hacking Web Services is a practical guide for understanding Web services security and assessment methodologies. Written for intermediate-to-advanced security professionals and developers, the book provides an in-depth look at new concepts and tools used for Web services security. Beginning with a brief introduction to Web services technologies, the book discusses Web services assessment methodology, WSDL -- an XML format describing Web services as a set of endpoints operating on SOAP messages containing information -- and the need for secure coding. Various development issues and open source technologies used to secure and harden applications offering Web services are also covered. Throughout the book, detailed case studies, real-life demonstrations, and a variety of tips and techniques are used to teach developers how to write tools for Web services. If you are responsible for securing your company's Web services, this is a must read resource!

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